Sunday, August 19, 2007

Laptops in the classroom

After searching the Internet for blogs or stories on how teachers are using laptops in the classroom, I came across an article about Technology in the classroom. There is a lot of good information in this article about how we need to use technology in the classroom. There are a lot of things that we can do but giving children the chance to use laptops in the classroom opens up a world of information that no one teacher could possibly know. I realize that it is expensive to have a laptop for every student but mobile laptop carts can solve that problem.
I found some information on an initiative that Maine had started to purchase a laptop for every seventh grader and continue to supply seventh graders with laptops. The only problem is the articles I found were written in 2002 and I couldn't find any current information. I do have two nieces who live in Maine and have just reached high school. They weren't given laptops so I think the initiative must not have been feasible. I don't think many school districts can afford to give students laptops nor should they have to.I believe that with technology changing as rapidly as it has that it would be extremely expensive for school districts to keep buying laptops or computers. By the time you order your computer it is almost obsolete. My laptop is only three years old and I found taking this class that it did not have many of the features that I needed.
However, classes should have the technology readily available and be using it on a daily basis.I think mobile laptop carts are one of the best alternatives.
Eventually I think that we will need to do away with a lot of textbooks and learn to use the Internet for the most current information. Maybe as we fade out some textbooks more money would be available to buy computers.

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mrichme said...

Pam, just to let you know this fall all high school teachers are receiving laptops a year ahead of the students. This was based on the success of the middle school program. The state has ran into barriers getting a high school program started prior to this point.